Michigan Seniors Golf Association Fellowship and Friendly Competition on Michigan's Finest Courses...since 1923

Michigan Seniors Golf Association (15)

   Some tough playing conditions this season, but we played through them and got in all seven tournaments. Thanks to our resilient members and our gracious host clubs. Now it's on to 2021!

2021 Schedule

  • May 24-Red Run Golf Club
  • June 15-The R&S Sharf at Oakland University
  • July 12-Grosse Ile Country Club
  • August 2-Franklin Hills
  • August 22-Birchwood Farms
  • August 23 The Alpine Course at Boyne Mountain
  • September 13 Oakland Hills (Fritz Adams Championships)

A Little History

      The inaugural Michigan Seniors Championship took place at the Detroit Golf Club in October, 1923. J.E Dubois of Red Run with a 36-hole score of 182 became the first name engraved on the championship trophy that is still preserved today in the Club's historic trophy case.

       The late Glenn Johnson of Grosse Ile won the trophy six times and still holds the 36-hole record of 137, set in 1980. Other Michigan Golf Hall-of-Fame members who won Michigan Seniors championships include Tom Draper, Bud Stevens and Ben Smith

        Nearly a hundred years later, the Michigan Seniors includes more than four hundred individual members from over seventy clubs throughout Michigan and beyond.